Lifting the Veil of Hatred

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Justice Training

This Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training Course is designed to define and introduce concepts regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to beginning leaders and even advanced individuals in the DEI+J space.  By actively engaging with workbook activities and session videos, the participant will walk away from this training armed with insights and ideas on how to tackle the -isms that plague our society.

Welcome to Lifting the Veil of Hatred. Please take a moment to review the Introductions video, then dive right into the content in the Modules. I'm here if you have any questions or concerns. -A...
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Session Day 1 - Overview
This video will preview what is to come in "Lifting the Veil of Hatred" and ask you to define the constructs for your own operationality.
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Session Introductions
This introductory segment introduces the video sessions and the writer, director, and producer, Dr. Ayanna Cummings, Owner of Tapestry Consulting, LLC, located in Atlanta, GA.
Session 2 - Operationalizing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
In this session we will define what we mean by Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.
Session 3 - Relevance of DEI
In this session, we will underscore how critically important DEI is in all facets of our lives.
Session 4 - Legal Issues Surrounding DEI
In this session, we will explore some of the legal issues surrounding DEI.
Session 5 - Current Issues
In this session, we will explore current issues facing society and the impact this has on our study of DEI.
Session 6 - Us vs. Them
In this session, we will explore stereotyping and bias and complete the previous session workbook activity.
Session 7 - Eradicating Hatred & Injustice
Session 7 explores the ubiquitous reach of DEI and potential solutions that will help eradicate hatred & injustice.
Session 8 - Can You Imagine?
Session 8 explores the concept of empathy by asking participants to imagine what it must have felt like to be a slave during the 19th century.
Session 9 - Postures of Peace
Session 9 will explore peaceful protesting and the use of militarized policing at such events.
Session 10 - Police and the Impact of Bias
Session 10 further explores police and the impact of bias on everyday citizens.
Session 11 - Police Misconduct
This session will explore police misconduct.
Session 12 - Symbols of Racism
Together we will explore the meaning of symbolic racism and identify some symbolically racist aspects of our collective history.
Session 13 - Economic Impact of Racism
In this session, we will explore the economic impact of racism using the instance of the Tulsa, Oklahoma race riots that obliterated an entire community population, leaving hundreds dead or disenfr...
Session 14 - Anti-Racism and the Movement for Justice
Session 14 explores the anti-racism construct.
Session 15 - What is Implicit Bias?
This session defines and explores the construct of implicit bias.
Session 16 - Good ole’ boys to great new girls – Exposing the Sexist Societal Lens
We explore the constructs of sexism and intersectionality in Session 16.
Session 17 - Multi-Able – Disability Status and Discrimination
This session explores able-bodied, sound mind ideologies that pervade society and do not fit within the multi-able framework.
Session 18 - My God – Your Gods (Religious Discrimination)
We explore religious discrimination in Session 18, with a review of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.
Session 19 - Heterosexism and Heteronormative Ideologies
We will explore constructs and ideologies relevant to the treatment of and discrimination against members of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Session 20 - Ageism
We explore ageism and its implications in Session 20.
Session 21 - Values
In session 21, we explore our Core Values, and how these impact out thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Session 22 - Morals
In session 22, we explore morals and how they affect the decisions we make as well as our intentions.
Session 23 - Game Time - Monopoly
We use the game of monopoly to explore the socioeconomic advantages and disadvantages of some groups.
Session 24 - Simulations and Scenarios
We will explore some scenarios in Session 24 which each examine a diversity dimension in greater contextual depth.
Session 25 - Action Games
We will complete activities in this session that requires your interaction with members of the community or those around you.
Session 26 - Corrective Action
You will delve deeper into interactions you have had, to identify anything you would have done differently. You will then apply those new strategies to future interactions.
Session 27 - Course Conclusion and Evaluation
This is the culminating session in which you will evaluate the course and explore what you learned.
Closing Remarks
Thank you for participating. Please revisit these course modules as needed in the future.

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